3 Best Violin Case Humidifiers (A Cheap Investment You Shouldn’t Ignore) 

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Why Are Violins So Expensive? (Truth Uncovered) 

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Do Violins Appreciate In Value? (Solved) 

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Cheap vs Expensive Violin Bows (Full Guide)

The violin requires special grip techniques while using the bow to perform, unlike some other stringed instruments such as the guitar. Many individuals, however, believe that the more expensive a bow is, the better it’s. Although a costly bow has numerous advantages, this isn’t always the case.  In this article, we’ll explore the differences between … Read more

How Are Violins Appraised? (Explained)

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Are Cheap Violins Good? (Solved)

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Are Chinese Violins Any Good? (Solved)

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Are Older Violins Better? (Complete Guide)

Many Violin enthusiasts ask ‘Are Older Violins Better than modern Violins’. As a matter of fact, some of the oldest violins have been sold for millions of dollars. So, are older violins better?  Here’s the answer to whether older violins are better: A lot of people believe that older violins are better than new ones … Read more