11 Best Violin Documentaries Of All Time

Being interested in the violin shouldn’t just mean you enjoy playing the instrument. Learning about the great violinists who achieved mastery or about the intricacies of violin-making can help you appreciate the instrument even more.  That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best violin documentaries. Ranging from biographies of contemporary violin virtuosos to the … Read more

7 Best Violin Recordings of All Time (Decided)

The best violin recordings are not necessarily the most technically difficult pieces, nor do they need to be recorded by the most well-known violinists.  What all of these recordings have in common are an impeccable interpretation and a stunning performance. Here are the 7 best violin recordings of all time:  1. Nathan Milstein – Bach … Read more

11 Great Violin and Viola Duets (Easy to Difficult)

The viola and violin don’t often play duets and it can be challenging to find the best duet music. We’ve therefore put in hours of research to find the best 11 violin & viola duets. We’ve chosen from a variety of composers and presented varying difficulties to suit all players. 1. Halvorsen’s Passacaglia for Violin … Read more

11 Great Violin Audition Pieces (Tried & Tested)

Are you preparing for an upcoming violin audition?  Pay close attention to the instructions your auditioners may have given you. Make sure you’re working on a repertoire that meets these requirements.  If you are able to choose which piece to play, you’ll find these suggestions super helpful in impressing your judges. We provide a variety … Read more

How Bad Is a Wet Violin? (Read This First!)

Water can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the violin. When wood gets wet it changes shape and distorts, causing sound quality to decrease. But this depends on how wet a violin gets and for how long.  In this article we look at how badly water can damage the violin and the immediate … Read more

Why Are Violins Tuned in 5ths? (Explained)

Violins can be tuned in many different ways. In Arabic music, Violins are tuned using 4ths whereas in more conventional Western music, Violins are tuned in perfect 5ths.  The concept of perfect 5ths dates back to Pythagoras, and the circle of 5ths has lots of use in musical theory. However, the main advantages of tuning … Read more

Do Dogs Like Violins? (Solved!)

Have you noticed your dog acting strange when you start practicing the violin? Or, you might be worried that playing next to your little pup might hurt his little ears, so you end up asking a very important question. Do dogs like violins? Summary Dogs have certain preferences for the sounds and music they listen … Read more

Why Do Cats Hate Violins? (Solved!)

If you enjoy violin music or practice at home, you’ll notice that cats hate the sound of violins.  Meowing, pawing, scratching, or even biting are often cats’ reactions to hearing a violin playing. Even if you’re not playing the instrument and just listening to some violin-rich music, you may get similarly expressive reactions. Cats have … Read more

Why Does the Violin Always Get the Melody? (Solved)

If you’ve been to orchestral concerts before, you’d notice that violinists compose around 50% of the players. The violins also seem to have the melody more often than not. This is due to many reasons including the style of music and the sound the Violin produces. Within this article, we’ll explore further why violins always … Read more

Long-Term Violin Storage (Complete Guide)

Violins can be irreversibly damaged from incorrect storage. Damage can include wood warping, broken bridges and sound posts, and cracks in the body.  Violins can also be expensive and are capable of lasting well over 200 years. It’s therefore very important to store your violin correctly, especially long term. Loosening strings, adding extra support to … Read more