Cello vs Violin: Which Instrument Is Harder?

String instruments are regarded as being particularly challenging to play. The cello and violin are similar – both are played with a bow hand and a fingering hand. They both require correct tension and utilize mutual techniques such as vibrato. The size and shapes of the instruments has an impact on difficulty. There are other … Read more

How Hard Is The Viola? (Solved!) 

Some people think the viola is a challenging instrument to learn due to its size and lack of frets. It normally takes at least 3-5 years just to sound good. It’s important to consider multiple factors before learning the viola. In this article, we take a close look at how hard the viola is and … Read more

Are Electric Violins Easier to Play? (Solved)

The Electric Violin has many key differences compared to the traditional Violin. One of which is the way sound is produced – electric violins use a ’pickup’ that transmits sound to the amplifier. This is therefore an electric production of sound, whereas an acoustic violin relies on sound waves reverberating in the body of the … Read more

Should I Learn Piano or Violin? (How To Decide)

If you want to learn a classical instrument, learning to play the piano or violin is an excellent option. These two instruments produce a beautiful sound, but both are played very differently. Playing the violin well involves learning pitches, playing motions, and proper finger placements on the strings.  The piano is more straightforward, requiring no … Read more

How Hard Is Playing the Violin? (Explained)

The violin is one of the most graceful musical instruments. Its sound is unmatched in its unique resonance and emotional harmony. However, while it’s known for its beautiful sound, it’s also known for its difficult mastery. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is playing the violin harder than other instruments?” The truth is that it can be, … Read more

Are Violins Fretless? (Explained For Beginners)

Initially, you might think frets would be far easier than relying on the accuracy of finger positions to produce a note. We traditionally associate frets with the Guitar rather than the Violin for good reason. There are many advantages to a Violin being fretless, such as the ability to produce microtones and vibrato.  In this … Read more

Do All Violins Sound The Same? (With Examples)

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