Why Do Violins Have Scrolls? (History Explained)

Violins are beautiful instruments and exemplify superior design. Especially, in the way sound reverberates and becomes amplified inside them. One part of the violin doesn’t seem to have a specific function though, and that’s the scroll. If you were wondering why do violins have scrolls, you’re in good company. There are many theories behind that … Read more

Why Do Violins Go Out Of Tune? (And How To Avoid It)

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Why Do Violinists Hate Canon in D? (Solved)

Canon in D by Pachelbel is a famous classical piece of music that’s well-known among a broad audience, seeing as it’s often used in wedding ceremonies.  However, we often hear from musicians, violinists and cellists, in particular, that they hate the piece. But why?  In this post, we discuss why Canon in D is hated … Read more

Why Do Violinists Hate Violas? (Solved!)

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Do Violins Play Chords? (Explained)

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Do Violins Sound Better With Age? (Solved)

In 2010, the Molitor Stradivarius, a violin constructed in the late 1600s, was sold at an auction for over $3 million. The very next year, the Lady Blunt, made in 1721, was purchased for more than $15 million—five times the Stradivarius.  So, what gives? Historical value aside, do violins sound better with age?  Summary If … Read more

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Are Violins Concert Pitch? (Explained)

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